Shareholder Overview

Largest Shareholders

Shareholders Share
Pareto AS 12.07%
Société Générale 9.94%
Hellegjerde Invest AS 5.45%
AWC AS 5.09%
Salt value AS 3.28%
Verdipapirfondet Holberg Norge 3.19%
Landkreditt Utbytte 2.99%
Kolberg Motors AS 2.78%
Rune Bentsen AS 2.65%
Dragesund Invest AS 1.8%
OM Holding AS 1.77%
Catilina Invest AS 1.56%
AS Audley 1.34%
Lombard Int Assurance S.A. 1.29%
Profond AS 1.09%
Stenshagen Invest AS 1.08%
K11 Investor AS 1.08%
Castel AS 1.02%
Apollo Asset Limited 0.99%
Verdipapirfondet Fondsfinans Norge 0.96%
Andre aksjonærer 38.68%
SUM 100%

Dividend Policy

Pareto Bank has a long-term ambition to deliver a profitability after tax of 14 percent, and by doing so to create value for its shareholders through both dividend payments and increased valuation.
It is the bank's intention to pay out 50 percent or more of annual profits after tax as dividend, barring needs arising from capital requirements. Surplus capital may also be paid out to shareholders as dividend.

Analyst Coverage

DNB Markets
Analyst: Håkon Astrup
Tlf: 948 50 243

Pareto Securities
Analyst: Vegard Toverud
Tlf: 22 87 88 24

Sparebank 1 Markets
Analyst: Nils Christian Øyen
Tlf: 995 00 240